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For most people it was just an ordinary Saturday but for me the 10th of February 2018 changed everything. It was just after lunchtime and I was driving back to Malmo from Copenhagen. The sky was grey and like a bad Hollywood movie rain was pouring down just to rub it all in. My wife and I had split up in the worst way. I had bought an apartment I had not seen and came with my clothes, a mattress, books, my cat and three pictures I had taken of mushrooms. Besides losing my new family I had also lost my old. I had really hit my lowest low. I don’t know how or why but in that confusion and loneliness I made a decision. I was going to follow my creativity and my intuition.

I love to cook and while living in Copenhagen I was a frequent visitor at the Asian food stores. I had no idea what I bought but the mushrooms and the banana hearts were the most amazing things I had seen. I began taking pictures of them. While working with them I felt so connected, that when the modeling was done, I could not eat them. I was surprised that they could have such an impact on me. I then started to make posters of that simplicity, that beauty and became even more blown away by their impact on my mind.

Later on it came to my knowledge that none of us would be alive if it weren’t for the mushrooms. Our life depends on them and we are all temporary guests in their kingdom. They exist in so many forms that not even scientists can catch up. Most of them are invisible but exist in every breath we take. The ones we can see have most of their bodies hidden underground and are made of a mass of thin threads, known as a mycelium. These threads act as an underground internet, linking the roots of different plants. 

I believe we are all connected. We might be fooled by what species we belong to and what form our spirit has taken but we are all here to live our lives. The message I hear when I am in the company of the mushrooms, the peppers and the flowers is very simple. We don’t need drugs, sugar, bad tv, destructive sex or whatever escape we use to get high. We just need to grow a beating heart and use our eyes, our nose, our taste, our ears and our ability to touch. Magic is everywhere if we just use our senses to let it in.  

Sometimes our most painful experiences contain a gift. Little did I know that the heartache I felt was my wake-up call. It taught me that the death of one life is the birth of another. In following my creativity and my intuition I got a new map. Today the divorce is one of the best things that has happened to me cause it made me understand what gives meaning to my life. In the end of the day I believe that’s where we find our true home. I hope my pictures will inspire each one of you to never give up on yourself and to always strive towards your dreams. 

I wish you a magical journey! 

Gry Ellebjerg